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Grief Regrets

Fifty years ago, my aunt Tena died of stomach cancer. Since she had taken care of me while I was growing up, my dad was her brother & also a doctor, it only seemed fitting that she would be brought to our home so he could care for her. 

Her abdoman would fill up with fluid and so every few days my dad would get a bucket and a tube, go into her room, shut the door and drain her stomach…..something none of us wanted to watch.

I was pregnant with my first child, went into labor & prepared to leave the hospital to stay for my sister’s house the same day that President Kennedy was shot.

On the way there, my mom (who was driving me there), asked if I wanted to stop at her house and show Aunt Tena my new baby boy. I said no, since I was afraid my baby might pick up some cancer cells.

Apparently, Tena had been staying alive long enough to make sure we were ok. I regret I didn’t take my child in to see her. She died that night. I learned later that she had cried out in her agony and pain, “Take me God, oh please take me!”  And he did. He was with her through it all. Just like He’s with us if we are his child. I know he’s with me. Everytime I reach the end of my endurance about something, he steps in & changes the situation so I can bear it.

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