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Final Moments

Today, I welcome my friend and poet, Della Wilson as she shares some of her grief experience with us:


You lay so still
as death came
to steal your fading soul.

You made no sound
as it silenced
your lips once warm
that always had
kind word to speak.

I wondered if you heard
my praying,
singing, crying,
my love to you,
for you
or feel my touch
upon your rigid skin.

In the coma,
you could not respond.
I beckoned you to stay,
yet bid goodbye
in case you would depart.
I felt your spirit soar above
from across the room.
I knew you were leaving.
I ran again to you
but you were not there,
just an empty shell
too hollow to compare
to who you were.
I could not call you back
nor reach to you
with arms so tall.

In flight, you had cast
your burden down.
Sweet angels
lead you
to your
final resting place,
came to ease the sting
left behind,
with loved ones
mourning there.
Della Wilson

To my Readers: I was out of the room when my husband died…much to my regret. Tell me about your final moments with your loved one.


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How is our body affected by grief? Here’s the link to a great article on this, by Jill Fitzgerald, LCSW:  http://www.hellogrief.org/the-work-of-grief/.

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