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December, 2001. The last Christmas season my husband and I spent together.

We were focused on the basics. Bill was fast becoming paralyzed and we had no clue what was wrong. We cried out to God and waited through the holidays for the doctor’s diagnosis.

While Bill was still able to walk, he and I roamed our neighborhood each evening at dusk, as we did every December. We admired the  houses with their Christmas trees, sparkling lights and front yard snowmen. We then came back to our own undecorated home; our children grown and away, and no plans for Christmas.

It was enough. We were together. And God was with us.

Jesus tells us we will have tribulation in this world, yet He has overcome it. He is our peace.*

Now, I spend each Christmas at my son’s home, along with my children and grandchildren. My daughter-in-law shows her love for all of us through her open arms and gourmet cooking. It’s the party we look forward to all year.

Bill is there somehow…in our hearts and memories, and in the laughter and antics he’s passed on to his children.

It’s enough. We are together. 

And God is still with us. He hears our cries of grief and loss. On Christmas, He came as a baby…the Christ Child…born to die on the  cross for you and for me, so we may live forever.

Have you embraced Him in your heart and life? He has come that we may have peace in the midst of our sorrow.

*John 16:33 (NIV)

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One of the doctors who cared for my husband during his final illness, has died.

As head of the medical team, this doctor spent a lot of time at Bill’s bedside in the hospital, diagnosing  his illness. She also took the time to talk with him about their mutual love for running and oh yes…as I ran around like a crazy hen caring for Bill 24/7, she took the time to make sure I was okay.

After Bill died, she and I kept in touch.  Now she too is gone and this loss takes me back to those difficult hospital days.  But more important, I am brought back once again, to the care and comfort God lavished on Bill and me, through this doctor-turned friend.

I will always be grateful for her care. May God bring comfort now to her family in their grief.

A question for my readers: In your loss, in what way(s) does God bring comfort to you?

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