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Grief & Loss Coach, Marsha Barnosky, BCC, LMSW, has posted an excellent,  30 minute telesession on her site. It’s filled with information on getting through the holiday season while in grief.  Check it out here: www.marshabarnosky.com.

What helps you the most in getting through the holidays?


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During my growing-up years, my mother was quick to admit she didn’t know how to be a mom. I didn’t care if she wasn’t perfect, I only wanted her to “be there” for me. This was a characteristic which she, for some unknown reason, was unable to do. At the same time, she wasn’t  happy about being that way. Through it all though, she still managed to convey she loved me.

Though it’s been forty years since her death, now and then I still feel sad she couldn’t be what I needed her to be.

Yet, when we meet again in Heaven one day, she will be whole. All of her frailties…as well as all of mine…will be swallowed up in the perfection of new life. There’s the balance.

Who are you able to see in a broader perspective, which helps you in his or her absence?

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