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I’m writing a book about how crazy we can feel when we’re going through grief. What would need to be included in it, to help you the most?

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“You don’t accept help easily,” my pastor tossed out as he handed me a loaf of bread his wife had baked. It was filled with chocolate chips. No problem accepting that. And, I have to admit I ate it all myself, in between caring for my terminally-ill husband.

However, Pastor Bob’s statement proved true during my early days of grief. When someone else’s pain threatened to burst mine wide open, I quit grief group. Otherwise, I would have had to admit I wasn’t this “all-sufficient” person who had conquered her grief.

Fast forward ten years. My attitude came back to bite me while attending Maranatha Christian Writers Conference (www.writewithpurpose.org) last month. I bonded with several other widows over dinner. And, in spite of our all being in different stages of grief, we talked louder and laughed more than anyone else in the room. We were having so much fun sharing our “what’s the worst that happened to you” stories, one of the conference directors was ready to announce: “All widows to  table  # 7.”

We need others. We need those who are like us, who share and understand what we’re going through in grief. I realize now, how much more help and support I would have gotten, had I stuck it out with others in grief, early on.

Only God is all-sufficient.

What has been your experience in sharing with others who are grieving?

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