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Mutual Grief Support

I’m spending this week at a writer’s conference. This evening I sat with two other widows at dinner. What a sense of support and community!
Have you experienced this when you’re with others who have been through grief?

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To My Readers…

Some of you have mentioned how important music has been for you during grief. I would love to hear why & how it helps you.

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September, the end of summer.  I walk the pier of lake Michigan. And I am reminded why I took this tour so often during the first year after my husband’s death.

The sun is dancing in sparkles on the water. Seagulls soaring free overhead. Water gently lapping to the shore…a lone sailboat idling in the current. The soul-calming majesty of God’s world.

There are a few summer stragglers walking the beach; a couple holding hands…she with her flip-flops dangling from sandy fingers; he with his string-knotted sneakers thrown over one shoulder.

Back in the early days of my loss, one of my friends stated she almost envied me my tranquil walks on the beach. She…with her husband solid at her side like this couple, while I walk alone. Envy me?  I couldn’t comprehend it. Still can’t.

Yet, with this much passage of time, the couple holding hands doesn’t hurt so much anymore. It does get better.

Where are you still hurting in your loss?

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