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Another non-birthday…Bill’s tenth since he died…has come and gone.  And, years ago, our second son was born on his birthday. A gift from God, as are all my children.  

This birth was back in the days before husbands were allowed in the delivery room. So afterwards, when Bill walked into the recovery room, I asked him, “How do you like your birthday present,” and watched a ready grin cross his face.

Now Bill’s gone and one of my greatest frustrations has been not knowing what’s going on with him in Heaven. How is he spending his time? Does he know he has three more grandchildren?  

I do know it must be glorious there for him living in the presence of God.

So, as I celebrated my son’s birthday with Bill’s day hovering in the back of my mind, I wished I could ask Bill, “How do you like your birthday Presence?” I can just imagine his smile.

What would you like to ask your loved one?


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Today’s post is written by my daughter, Jenna, in honor of her dad.

Apple of My Eye

“I carry in my wallet the last thing my father ever wrote to me. It was a note that read, “Merry Christmas.Your still the apple of my eye. Love Dad” My father always wrote in such beautiful cursive handwriting; this was chicken scrawl. He was losing his ability to write. Less than 4 months later he was dead.

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