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Gratitude in Grief

As Thanksgiving Day beckons, I pause to reflect on my life nine years after my husband’s death.

Though I will always miss Bill, I am grateful for the many years we were able to spend together.  And, for the children and grandchildren who are the result of those years together. I echo the statement of one of my granddaughters who, at age seven said, “Granpa had my dad and my dad had me. If he didn’t let my dad be born, I woldn’t be born.”

Then too, there are Bill’s words of wisdom remembered through the years. “Wait three days before making any major decision.” This advice serves me well…when I heed it.

But most of all, my gratitude abounds in the priviledge I had, of observing my husband during his final days on earth. He pointed me  to Jesus Christ, the One who sustained him in his paralysis. The one who sustains all of his own, in grief.



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If any house has cornered the market on grief, I would think it would have to be a funeral home.

In Mary De Muth’s latest fiction, The Muir House*, Willa Muir, seeking answers to her past, flees back to the funeral home she grew up in. Though it’s now a Bed & Breakfast, her bedroom is still next door to what had been the embalming room. Could she hear the sounds of old as she stood on the “threshold of memories”? The last funeral there had been her daddy’s.

This is Mary De Muth’s most intriguing writing to date, rich with vivid word pictures. For example: “Mother slept on the line between life and death, steadily breathing earth’s air. Pulling it in, in light rasps.”

This book is about more than death. Willa sorts through the grief and losses of her past in order to move into a future of freedom. We too in grief, look for our “Muir House”…that place called Home.  

For me, Home is in the arms of God. Safe. Secure. Never alone.The author of my past, my present and my future.

Where is Home for you?

*copy provided by Zondervan Publishers

For more information on Mary De Muth and her books, see her website: http://marydemuth.com.

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