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In each of my grown children, I see glimpses of the past: those long-ago days when my husband was still alive.

My oldest son lives a practical life, but he also has a  super-fun loving side. Like his father before him.

My daughters’ show different facet’s of Bill’s nature. One has his determination; the other his frank honesty. I always know where I stand.

My youngest son likes to tease me…as his father did. And I like to call him on it…as I did his father.  But last week, he stood in my kitchen talking with me. He gestured with  hands like Bill’s, while  a “so familiar” expression crossed his face.

I interrupted him. “Did you feel like your dad just then?”

“I did,” he smiled. “I really did.”

When I see things like this, Bill doesn’t seem so far away.

What do you see in a relative of your loved one that comforts you in your grief?


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Check out this article by Paula Spencer Scott, Caring.com senior editor.

“When offering condolences, there are plenty of things not to say to a grieving person; finding the right words can be harder.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For the complete article, click here: http://www.caring.com/articles/condolences.

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