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Shared Grief

Feeling very much alone, I visited Bill’s grave on what would have been our 50th Wedding Anniversary.

I gazed  down at a single sunflower…Bill’s favorite…lying over his monument.

I was surprised by the level of pain I felt seeing this, and yet…such a mix…this flower radiated comfort at the same time.

I later learned it was put there by my youngest daughter who, when she realized the significance of the day for me, drove to the Farmer’s Market, and then on to the gravesite, hoping to leave this symbol of her love before I could get there.  Honoring her father; remembering her mother. Sharing in my grief.

The pain has lessened once again, as I knew it would. And I am left touched by my daughter’s care.

I no longer feel  alone.

When do you feel most alone in your sorrow?

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