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Grief Weary?

Today I have no desire to look at the battered helm of grief in my life; those shards of glass imbedding themselves in my skin for all time, on the day Bill died.

During the early days of my loss, I went numb when I could no longer handle the grief. No sorrow, but no joy either.

There has to be a better way.

I am reminded of the 1991 movie, “What About Bob”, where the psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin (played by Richard Dreyfuss) gives¬†a prescription to his multi-phobic client, Bob Wiley (Bill Murray): “Take a vacation from your problems.”

So today I rest…distract myself with a¬†frivolous book, a good friend and a browse through my favorite cottage shop…to give my mind, soul and body a reprieve.

Just for today.

Are you grief weary? How do you care for yourself on the days when it’s all just too much?


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On Father’s Day

For those of you grieving the loss of your father or your children’s father, may the peace of our Heavenly Father surround you today.

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