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My friend Jenny felt as though her life fell apart when her fiance’ died. Now, seven months later, she’s training to run a half-marathon in his honor.  Before he passed away, Sam had often biked alongside, encouraging her as she ran the hills and valleys of a race.

My husband was a runner like Jenny. 


After a race, he’d jog back about a quarter mile and stand alongside the road to cheer those coming in after him.

Way to go, you’re almost there. Keep your eyes on the finish line!”

After he developed brain tumors, even as he was being taken care of, he still took care of those around him. But his focus shifted from running’s endorphin high, to God who gave him such peace in the midst of an otherwise intolerable illness.

And I know what he would say now if he could, to encourage those of us plodding the steep hills and deep valleys of grief:

“Way to go, you’ll get through this. Keep your eyes on Jesus.”


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