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Living With Loss

I’ve been told that time heals grief. Does it?

Earlier today I leafed through the Elk Rapid News. This is the weekly newspaper of one of my husband’s favorite northern Michigan villages. I paused over an article by Editor, Samantha Tengelitsch, on the  history of Island Bridge.

“Cool,” I thought. “I’ll have to show this to Bill. He’d love to see it.”


He died eight years ago.

Losing a loved one to death is like an amputation. And putting on our prothesis is a daily reminder of  the missing limb.  

We don’t “get over” our grief. We will never be the same person we were before our loss. But we do adjust.

I wish I could show this article to Bill. He’d enjoy it. But it doesn’t hurt so much anymore, that I can’t.

How is it getting better for you in your loss? What still hurts?

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