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Author, Mary E. De Muth has captured my heart once again in her latest release, Life in Defiance.* Although this is the third novel in her trilogy including Daisy Chain and A Slow Burn, this book can stand on its own. In Ouisie Pepper, the main character, Mary has created a person so real, so touching, so true in her life of sorrow, that on more than one occasion I forgot this book is a work of fiction, and found myself praying for her.

I lost part of myself when my husband died. A good part. Bad enough. Ouisie loses herself bit by bit, day after day, while Hap, her Pastor husband grinds her down with his physical abuse and distorted spiritual applications of Biblical submission.

When she tries everything to please him…and indirectly, God…I see myself in her, in my own brand of grief, trying to find my worth through “doing” in my new normal without a husband. It doesn’t work.

This book is a fascinating read, told in stunning words…shocking in its depths of truth about the cruelty of mankind in the name of God.

The author doesn’t leave us there however. While Ouisie tries, without success, to satisfy her “thirst” with alcohol, Mary weaves in the ultimate comfort: God’s free gift of love and redemption through Christ, the source of living water.

What comforts you in loss?

*Zondervan provided me with a review copy of this book.

For more information on Mary E. De Muth and her books, see her website: <a href=”http://www.marydemuth.com”>www.marydemuth.com. To order a copy of Life in Defiance, see this link to Amazon:


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